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Relax Adorabile


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Mattress with 26 cm of height developed in the system of individually bagged springs, steel gauge 2.0 mm, with excellent cost benefit in its resistance and durability.

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Relax Adorabile

26 cm high mattress developed using an individually pocketed spring system, 2.0 mm steel gauge, with excellent cost-benefit in its resistance and durability. No Flip System, which does not need to turn the mattress, just rotate it.

General information

35 mm welt finish for greater resistance. Inserted foams. The fabric contains anti-allergy, anti-mold and anti-mite treatment. Mattress suitable for individuals weighing up to 120 kg. The perimeter edge increases the rest area, in addition to the lower fabric being non-slip to prevent the mattress from sliding on the somiê (bed). Comfortable mattress for adjustment and little body fluctuation.

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Technical specifications:

Width: 138CM

Length: 188CM

Height: 26CM


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