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Treviso Rack


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Enjoy your relaxing moments in front of the TV with the beautiful Treviso Rack!


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Treviso Rack

Enjoy your relaxing moments in front of the TV with the beautiful Treviso Rack! Linear lines provide a versatile and elegant design, decorating and making your home very sophisticated. In addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, it is very functional, as it is an excellent support for your TV and other electronic devices, and there is plenty of space on the different shelves to organize books and enhance your decorations! Casters bring a lot of practicality in everyday life, and for a cleaner look, they are hidden behind the baseboard.

– Safely supports TV up to 60 inches;

- Sliding door;

– Reversible door in Cinnamon with Off White, Pine with Off White and White with Antique versions. The doors are painted on one side of each color, and you choose your favorite color during assembly.

– Casters that facilitate transport, cleaning and handling of cables;

– Finish made in textured UV paint, and Off White made in high gloss UV paint, both long lasting and easy to clean.

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Ref: 0000002

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